Sturm Café / So Seelisch, So Schön! (Re-Issue)

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Those of you that have followed Echosynthetic from the beginning know that I’m a huge EBM fan. As you can imagne, I was thrilled to see that the genre staple, So Seelisch, So Schön! by Sturm Café has gotten a re-issue. Not only does the re-issue come with the opportunity to grab the album on physical media, it also comes packed with extra tracks and remixes. If this is your first time hearing this album, I envy your experience. Even if you’re an EBM veteran this trip down memory lane is totally worth every penny . Why? Because even though So Seelisch, So Schön! originally came out in 2005 it still sounds just as fresh and relevant to this day, proving that well written music never ages. If it’s not already in your music library, this one is a no brainer. While you’re at it, be sure to check out the rest of the Sturm Café discography while you’re at it.


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