Street Cleaner / Featured Artist

Only one man strikes fear in the souls of the human garbage that walk the streets at night, Only one man is brave enough to take on the pathetic trash that plague our city and prey on the weak. And that man is the Street Cleaner

With an artist bio that reads like the voiceover from a trailer of a pulpy grindhouse film, Street Cleaner is the focus of this weekend's Artist Focus feature. This weekly magnifying glass of an article takes a closer look at a specific artist and hopefully brings them some new listeners in the process, though it's not as if Street Cleaner is without a fanbase already. The West Coast vigilante is ripping up live shows up and down the Pacific with his sights set on the East Coast in the second half of the year with upcoming appearances at NEON Retro Fest in Rhode Island and Echosynthetic Fest in Atlanta.

For starters let's take a look at the one-two punch that Street Cleaner recently released. The dueling EPs of Hardware and Heatwave work against each other but in a cohesive way. Hardware feels like being a fly on the wall while Street Cleaner doles out street justice in the seedy alleys and shadows of the night, while Heat Wave represents the relative safety that the light of the sun can bring (but let's be clear...there's always danger lurking). This dark cycle / light cycle mix is pure brilliance and it shows the writing prowess of the man behind the mask. With Hardware featuring guests like Cogex and Gregorio Franco and Heat Wave hosting Future Holotape and FacexHugger, Street Cleaner put his stamp on the middle of 2018, for sure! 

Revenger, which heralded in 2018 for Street Cleaner, is an aptly titled EP that leaves you feeling that nowhere is safe, there's nowhere to hide, and that no matter what you do, Street Cleaner is going to find you. Again, embracing the grindhouse feel of the late 70's and early 80's, Revenger contains track titles like "Murdercycle", "Hunting Season", and "Bitches, Leave." Beyond track titles, Revenger actually manages to encapsulate the "feel" of this era, an era that is kept alive thanks to artists like Street Cleaner who keep it from fading into obscurity. With a bass heavy and in your face approach, Revenger let everyone know that Street Cleaner is still the man to fear in the synthwave streets. Don't scroll past without clicking play on the trailer! I wish more artists cut promos like these because it sets the stage for what you're about to experience, creating a world for the artist and their music to live in. It completes a circuit from the music to your imagination in ways that the music alone can't produce.

As I mentioned earlier, Street Cleaner is no stranger to live appearances. We are thrilled to have him on the line-up for Echosynthetic Fest this year so I'd be remiss if I didn't tout up his live show to strum up a bit of excitement before November, right? If you've only gotten the audio side of Street Cleaner you are no doubt impressed. His music hits you hard with an intensity that few can match. But, as you've probably gathered as you've been reading, there's a very visual side to Street Cleaner as well, and it adds so much to the experience! Just check out the video to see what I honestly says it better than I can. All of that aside, live synthwave releases are a frightfully rare thing, so February's Street Cleaner Live recorded at the legendary Whisky-A-Go-Go on the Sunset Strip is an amazing gift. The recording is clear, captures the rabid crowd, and more than anything, leaves you wanting more.

Now, let's bring our attention to one of the legendary albums of synthwave, Payback. Years before anyone even knew what synthwave was and the pond wasn't full of other fish, Street Cleaner was out there making a name for himself. Payback is a synthwave standard, and as far as I'm concerned it should be in every single collection. Thankfully, a LOT of people do own this one. You know when you're scrolling through Bandcamp and you see all the images of supporters? You click on more to see how far down the list goes and you're like, " far down does this go?!?" This is one of those albums. But wait, keeping with a theme here, no good grindhouse feature is complete without a sequel! Thankfully, Street Cleaner hooked us up last year with Payback II. I mean, just read this album bio...I want to see the movie version of this to have with my soundtrack!

Join Jack Slade as he dons the mask one last time in “STREET CLEANER: PAYBACK 2”. A thrilling adrenaline ride from start to finish.

Watch as a man on the edge of sanity takes the law into his own hands and dishes out a furious assault of VIGILANTE JUSTICE. But this time the STREET CLEANER may have bitten off more than he could chew. The violence may be too much for the police to handle, but for the STREET CLEANER, it’s all in a day’s work

I could go on like this for a few more hours, because honestly, Street Cleaner has enough music to do so. But this is where I put the control in your hands. Half the fun of music is discovering cool new things yourself, whether it's actually new or not. Street Cleaner's discography is stacked from top to bottom with pure quality. Thankfully Bandcamp offers a very simple solution, a BUY DIGITAL DISCOGRAPHY option. I suggest you use it.