Wickline / Trippin on You (Wickline Remix)


Wickline has been making some serious waves with his unique approach to music. Whether he's releasing his own music, remixes that of others, or appearing as a guest musician on another artist's album, he is tapping into something that keeps bringing me back for more. I think the fact that there's a nostalgia here that isn't from the 80's that really sets him apart. You can feel the electronic music of the 90's and early 00's seeping into his sound and I absolutely LOVE that.

Today saw the release of his Wickline Remix of Hollywood Principle's "Trippin on You." He's taken their radio friendly pop single and turned it into a darkwave night club banger. Pulling the best from the bones of the song, Wickline has made everything bigger, bolder, and darker, creating something wholly his own. The trick here is still staying honest to the original track, and he's pulled it off. It's the toughest part of a remix, one that hubris and ego often interfere with. Selfless musicians tend to let the original lead in the tango and it's sadly something that's often too rare. Hats off to Wickline for understanding the chemistry, using his mad scientist skills, and pulling off the awesome remix!

It's a long weekend! If you're throwing a party here's a great addition to your playlist!