IVERSEN / Interview + New Arcade Vinyl Release


Last year saw the release of IVERSEN'S Arcade on TimeSlave Recordings. Not only was it one of the best synthpop albums of 2017, it set itself apart as shining proof that the genre itself was doing just fine...fine enough to spawn an outfit as talented as IVERSEN decades after synthpop enjoyed its heyday. The original pressing of Arcade sold out almost immediately, leaving most of us wanting a chance to get our hands on IVERSEN vinyl. Thankfully TimeSlave Recodings has our back with a limited run of 200 beautiful pink vinyl. Want even better news? These amazing records are already pressed and ready to ship! No pre-order needed!

What better way to celebrate this vinyl release and hint at some upcoming new tunes from the London outfit than by catching up with them? That's right, I've got a full interview with IVERSEN right here for you, right now! Enjoy!

Left: Jonny / Centre: Josh - IVERSEN live at Retro Future Fest 2

Left: Jonny / Centre: Josh - IVERSEN live at Retro Future Fest 2

Welcome gentlemen! A lot has happened since we last had you on the site. For starters though, how are you?

  • Jonny: Great thank you.

2. You just played Retro Future Fest. What kind of emotions were going through your head as you were performing?

  • Jonny: I felt so comfortable up there, mainly due our extra rehearsals!
  • Josh: This isn’t our first gig and we had rehearsed quite a lot over the weeks previous so I wasn’t nervy about the performance, much more about it’s reception. But by the time we were half way through the first song of the set, seeing all these people packing out the room was encouraging. I myself, couldn’t stop smiling! It was the best thing, the high I got off the set. When it came to playing the first EP, hearing Met Line Blues being sang back at us by the crowd was truly amazing, there’s nothing quite like it and I wanna thank everyone that came doing to see us.

3. How did you decide the set list?

  • Jonny: We decided to play the entirety of Arcade and slot the two new singles either side. It was a super easy mutual choice.

4. You’ve got a deluxe edition vinyl that just released. What can you tell us about the bonus tracks?

  • Josh: Well the 2 additions are the B Sides from the Met Line Blues and Drive Ride single releases, neither have been on a physical format before so it’s a first! My Amy Vice is a calm, atmospheric number with airy vocoder vocals and Stranger Things is more in line with Northwick Nark, and as our most popular track on Spotify, it’s about time for it to be available on wax.

5. Does it seem surreal to have people chomping at the bit to get their hands on your music?

  • Josh: Are they? If they are I’m thankful for their support, it not only allows us to spend more time making music but also drives us to do it!
  • Jonny: I personally feel very proud to be apart of Iversen. It feels great to work so hard on something and have others appreciate your efforts.

6. Speaking of music, you’ve got new material on the way! Anything you can tell us about it?

  • Josh: Well, this new EP we wanted to go more poppy and invoke a summer vibe. The title La Faviére is the place where I’ve vacationed every summer of my life in the south of France and so I thought it would be a good place to start. This EP’s not as dark as the first and we hope the listener will appreciate the change. Think 80’s beach party over the break up record that Arcade was.
  • Jonny: Really excited about this one. I feel our sound has improved dramatically since Arcade.

7. What are your plans for the 2nd half of 2018?

  • Jonny: Get playing more shows! Retro Future Fest 2 has made me hungry for more gigs!
  • Josh: Precisely what Jonny said, Retro Future Fest was our best gig so far but I wanna have many many more

8. Anything you’d like to say before we go?

  • Jonny: Thank you TimeSlave Recordings for all the support and sexy vinyls they've produced for us.
  • Josh: You can say that again! Vince and Jay have been awesome the past year we’ve been working together! I guess I’d like to thank Jon as well for putting up with more thru the creation of La Faviére as well as Arcade

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