Elay Arson / Borrowed Memories EP


Over the course of the last three years Elay Arson has created a legitimate name in the synthwave circuit. All of their albums have been genre-bending classics that fuse elements of metal and synthwave with a progressive tilt. At no point has this outfit seemed like they were beholden to any specific trend or paint by numbers musical scheme. On the contrary, Elay Arson have become trendsetters, creating the path that many other artists are following. So, what does a band like this do when they've got some material lying around that doesn't quite fit onto an album? Create a blistering EP with some other scene trendsetters and set the summer playlists on fire, that's what!

Borrowed Memories is made up of four tracks, the first of which has to be the coolest darksynth cover of the year (if not ever). Featuring the AAA vocals of the always amazing Becca Starr, the Elay Arson take on Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" comes ripping through the speakers like a bat out of dark neon hell. If you haven't pushed play on the embedded Bandcamp player in this paragraph, PLEASE do so now. You've got to hear it to believe it. That tempo change toward the end? Head bang city!

But wait, there's more here than "Immigrant Song." The second track continues an intensity that you need to get used to. "Hotline LA" features soaring guitars, chugging riffs, and double bass that you can feel down to your bones. Up next you'll find "Gods Among Men" with a guest appearance from one of the hardest working guys in the business, Dreddd. What starts out as an atmospheric piece transitions and grows over the course of its 7+ minutes into a new darksynth classic. Wrapping things up is the absolutely brutal Wickline remix of "Final Midnight Ride" that contains guitar work from the legendary Ultraboss. Do I really need to say anything else?


Borrowed Memories just dropped today and the limited edition 1st run of cassettes is officially sold out already (sorry guys and gals, I bought the last one!). But, hopefully a 2nd run of these amazing looking tapes will make an appearance in the future. Speaking of the future, don't miss your chance to see Elay Arson live! They're playing the Zodiac in Colorado Springs on October 30th and they're a featured act at the upcoming 2nd Annual Echosynthetic Fest in Atlanta this November!


This is one of the best EPs to drop in 2018. Head on over and snag your copy now!!!