Chris Keya / Singita


Summer may be coming to an end, but I've got just the thing to keep the warm sunny days, neon nights, and cocktails flowing. Chris Keya's new release, Singita, is PURE summer bliss, and certainly shines as one of the highlights this busy summer season. Showing the world that Italian synthwave is a force to be reckoned with, Keya's efforts here don't go unnoticed. His sophomore release is bright, fun, and more than anything, addictively listenable. 

Singita features six tracks, each one with its own flavor, but remaining centered on a focal, beach resort feel. Keya has successfully transfered that warmth into the music, the waves of heat coming through the speakers as if you're there. Bringing in songwriting help from Driver86 to a track and vocals from Bunny X brings an extra layer of depth and upholds the synthwave tradition of guest appearances (which are always a great way to learn about other artists you might enjoy!). 

Be sure to keep Singita close as the chilly weather starts to swoop in soon. Chris Keya is proving that he's a new talent worth keeping an eye on (and two ears, while you're at it). Be sure to follow him across his social media fronts and keep your eyes peeled here for news as well:


Summer never has to end when you've got tunes this good!