Retroglyphs / Invincible Summer - Video Premiere


I have some exciting Retroglyphs news to share with you! We are proud to bring you the premiere of their new music video for "Invincible Summer!" This new single is exciting for multiple reasons. The first being, instead of featuring normal Retroglyphs frontman Frank Cervantes on vocals, "Invincible Summer" shows off the singing talnets of drummer Joshua Holland! Just like Phil Collins in Genesis or Dave Grohl from Nirvana, Holland proves that drummers can do a whole lot more than keep time. The vocals here are spot on and absolutely soar over the expectedly strong Retroglyphs score. The second exciting thing going on here is that "Invincible Summer" is a tease of NEW MUSIC to come! That's right, Retroglyphs have a new EP of collaborations coming out soon titled Passport: Volume I. As always, I will keep you abreast of all news Retroglyphs related so as soon as we have an official release date you'll be the first to know. 

Don't forget, Retroglyphs will be in Atlanta this November as part of the amazing Second Annual Echosynthetic Fest lineup. You can check out who else is playing the show by clicking HERE. You can also catch Retroglyphs on the following dates this fall/winter: