NightmareOwl / Through City Lights

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August 26th heralded in an impressive new release from Spain's NightmareOwl. Through City Lights. This four track EP is packing pure audio adrenaline. From the moment you press play until the the last notes leave your speakers, Through City Lights sounds bigger, better, and bolder than just about anything else we've heard so far this year. It's like NightmareOwl dialed everything to 10 and is daring us to take the leap with him. All I can say is, count me in!

It's next to impossible to put into words, as I just mentioned, how BIG this album sounds. The basslines echo inside you, the percusion lives in your skull, and the harmonies soar so very high. Through City Lights feels like your experiencing something more than just listening to a new record. This isn't paint-by-numbers synthwave...this is something immensely more satisfying, like synthwave pushed to the very limits.

I want to try and pinpoint for you a favorite track, or a special moment on the record, but I keep coming back to one thought. Any one of these songs could be single...they're all that good. I would like to give a special mention to KENSHIRO+ for his collaboration on the song "Hell Is Other People," which is surely one of the best artists pairings of the year. 

I wholeheartedly recommend this EP to anyone who enjoys synthwave. It's bright enough for the outrun crowd but the shadows creep in enough for the darksynthers. There aren't a ton of universally appealing records out there so picking this up is no-brainer.


How tight of race is this year's Best EP Synthy going to be? NightmareOwl just threw a hat in the ring, that's for sure!