IVERSEN / La Favière


One of the hottest bands of 2017 are back in the saddle, with IVERSEN dropping what is sure to be one of the year's best albums. La Favière is a lot more of a pop forward release than Arcade, showcasing a brighter sound that shows that the duo of Josh Iversen and Jonny Royall are far from a one dimensional songwriting team. On the contrary, this record confirms that they're going to continue to dominate 2018 as one of the hottest bands on the scene. 

It seems like every other week TimeSlave Recordings are throwing another ace onto the table (how many aces could they possibly have up their sleeve?!?), and IVERSEN have taken their place at the top of the deck, that's for sure. La Favière is one of the most complete and satisfying listens of the year so far, and I'm pretty confident that few will be able to push it off that perch. You don't want to compare apples to oranges, but the moves they've taken since the release of Arcade last year are massive leaps. You can tell that the duo have grown even stronger in the songwriting department, but there has also been growth in the studio. From start to finish, La Favière is an audiophile's dream.

If you'd told me last year that the follow up to Arcade was going to be this good, I don't know that I would have believed you. It was such a spot on release that honestly held its own against the best synthpop had to offer in 2017. La Favière isn't just one of the best synthpop records of the year, it's one of the best records of the year, period. I honestly can't think of anyone who won't get some level of satisfaction out of experiencing it and you can't say that about everything that I cover. Let's face it, synth based music tends to appeal to a niche audience, sure, there's a larger audience out there that enjoys it, but they don't know or understand what they're listening to. IVERSEN bridge that gap, creating synth based music that's accessible to everyone without selling out their roots. The hooks satisfy, the guitars soar, the vocals soar higher, and ultimately this ends up transcending genre completely. Good music is good music, as I always say.

It goes without saying that you should be picking this up. TimeSlave Recordings has it available on limited edition cassette and compact disc, with a vinyl release sure to follow, especially with TSR being one of the premiere labels on the scene for pressing records. 

You'll be seeing this again during my end of the year Synthy Awards. Get in the know now!