Daddybear / Raw God


When most artists do side projects they're often quirky and ultimately unsatisfying affairs. When Caustic does a side project he hammers it home with an EBM beat that demands you listen. "Raw God" is the second Daddybear single, with "Brown Acid" being the first. I'm not sure whether or not we've we will see a full length or an EP come out of this side project but in the end, I kind of like the stand alone single approach. It especially works for EBM, which has always kind of marched to its own beat as a genre. A single here and a single there honestly adds an importance to each song as it appears out of the musical abyss. 

If you're looking for something to scratch your EBM itch, "Raw God" stands to be a great place to kick off your weekend. It has hooks and those hooks have teeth. Honestly, what more can you ask for? Be sure to check out Klack if you enjoy this, it's Caustic's other, more old school EBM side project. Like I said, he has this side-project thing down to a mad science!

See why this modern EBM classic is burning up the Bandcamp charts!