One of the original gangsters of synthwave is back, and with him he's brought something old and something new. That's right, after a hiatus The TCR has returned with a remastered version of the synthwave classic, Wavepunk! Let's be completely honest here, The TCR has helped define the genre as we know it, paving the way for countless artists, many of whom are successful today! What better way to show up to the class reunion than with a newer, hotter version of I right? That's exactly what this remastered version of Wavepunk is!

With collaborations from the likes of Oceanside '85 and Stilz, this album made serious waves when it came out a few years ago. Wavepunk manages to sound even more important and relevant in this remastered form thanks to their continued growth and success as major players in synthwave. Combine that with some serious top shelf mastering from Ben Mosher of The Dust Collective and you've got a record will continue to shape and define synthwave for years to come. The depth and range of sounds that the original contained have been blown up into a magnified version that sounds crisper, clearer, and rich. In short, it's a remastering done right.

The original version of Wavepunk for comparison

If you're new to the genre and you're just discovering The TCR for the first time, I envy your first listen. Don't stop here, there's a discography just waiting to be explored...a discography that most artists would kill for. Even if you're a season vet and The TCR is on your playlists, this is an excellent primer, and better yet, reminder of why he's one of the best to ever wield a synth. So, what are you waiting for?!? Dive back in...the water is just fine!



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