Silent Forum / How I Faked The Moon Landing


I am beyond thrilled to be sharing "How I Faked The Moon Landing" from Cardiff's Silent Forum. Why am I so excited? Because this is easily one of the best singles of 2018. I can guarantee you that when the 2018 Synthy Awards come around at the end of the year that you're going to see Silent Forum proudly waving their flag in the Single of the Year nominations. 

When I first heard this track about a month ago I immediately stopped what I was doing, removed all distractions, and put on my best headphones. I then listened to it close to a dozen times in a row. Even now, a month clear of that day, "How I Faked The Moon Landing" has lost none of its verve. Songs like this could fool one into thinking that time travel is indeed a very real thing. Silent Forum seemingly plucked this song from the post punk revolution and zipped their way back to the here and now. That being said, had this song been released 30 years ago it would have been a massive smash hit that we'd still be talking about today. I think that's what makes it so exciting to be covering's like weeding through countless colorless stones and coming across a brilliant gemstone. It stands out that much!

Whether Silent Forum released the track this month or played it for tens of thousands at Live Aid in 1985 (and I'm not completely convinced they didn't!), a good song is a good matter when it came out. Songs like this are 100% why Echosynthetic share the magic, to share the moment of discovering a song like this, and to ensure it is heard by as many people as possible. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Now the wait for the full length record begins in earnest...

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