The Encounter / Bad Blood


This review is going to be short and sweet. It's not because I'm pressed for time or because I don't have enough things to say. It's not because The Encounter hasn't done enough with Bad Blood to warrant a lengthy write-up. On the contrary, I could honestly spend the rest of the night sharing the multiple reasons why I love this record. Instead, I'm going to let the music do the talking. Your assignment, should you accept it, is to press play on the embedded media player and experience Bad Blood for yourself. 

If you weren't already excited about Echosynthetic Fest this year, this new material from The Encounter should be getting you hyped up to the max. I for one can't wait to hear these songs live!!! Atlanta is going to be THE place to be this November, I can tell you that.

I will leave you with one final comment, and you can quote me on this. Bad Blood by The Encounter is the album to beat in 2018. The Encounter has signed his entry form to the the upper crust of the genre with this album, which is an instant synthwave classic as far as I'm concerned. Bad Blood is must own material, and that isn't just opinion. That's fact.


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