The Echo Beat / Volume 1

echo beat.jpg

Let's start off our first volume of The Echo Beat with some new music. Upcoming Echosynthetic Fest artist Ethereal Delusions has new music out this week! "On My Own" is pure sugared pop featuring Danika Faith on vocals, further establishing Ethereal Delusions as the reigning king of summer synth fun (he did coin #SummerOfSynth, afterall). Rounding out the single are instrumental versions of "Beauty Beyond the Chaos", "From the Depths", and "Pluto." You can find the originals on the absolutely stunning full length album, Reformation, released in May of this year. Be sure to make plans to be in Atlanta this November to catch his live set at what is guaranteed to be a massive weekend of synth fun!

On the new music front, Jayber.C has a blistering single that just released as well. "My Cage" stands head and shoulders confidently with the best music the scene has to offer. The addition of Aileen Meraki on vocals adds so much richness to the music it just has to be experienced to understand. Anyone who says vocals don't belong with synths need only listen to this track to understand that they're missing out. There are few artists that consistently release music of this caliber so be sure to keep your eyes (and ears) on the site for further goodness from Jayber.C!

Lately I've been totally hooked on Soft Cell, listening to them daily. I know that Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret gets all of the limelight, and understandably so, but the aptly titled The Art of Falling Apart is pure synthpop magic. While "Tainted Love" gets all the radio plays on retro radio stations, gems like "Forever the Same" and "Where the Heart Is" are forgotten in the vaults of time. Beyond that, the album contains my very favorite Soft Cell single, "Numbers." It meanders along with a sultry, hypnotic hook, funky guitars, and spot on monotone vocals from Marc Almond. 

Another song that I've not been able to get enough of is "Ocean" by Goldfrapp. The original version appeared on the album Silver Eye, but the deluxe edition features a new take on the track, adding vocals by none other than Depeche Mode's Dave Gahan. The addition of his vocals adds such a haunting lilt to the's an a emotional punch of a song that gives me the chills every time I listen to it. As a fan of both Gahan and Goldfrapp, "Ocean" serves as a meeting of two synthpop titans, and the results are absolutely stunning!

I bet you never thought you'd be reading about The Decemberists here at Echosynthetic, but here we are, crossing that invisible line! Truth be told, I'm a massive fan of the Decemberists, especially vocalist Colin Meloy. Believe it or not, their latest album is chock full of new wave goodness. I've included "Once in my Life" here as an example, but I'll Be Your Girl bridges a lot of indie-rock/new wave gaps that you never knew could be crossed.