Black Needle Noise / That Which Watches (with Antic Clay)


What better way to get back into the swing of things here at Echosynthetic than by visiting a familiar friend. Black Needle Noise has new music and that gave me the perfect excuse to indulge in the mysterious web of music that legendary producer John Fryer weaves with this project. If this is your introduction to Black Needles Noise, welcome, you're in for a treat. Fryer is the man behind the curtain of countless albums that shaped and defined synth based music (metal too!), and his work is truly a rabbit hole worthy of diving down. For those of you already in the know, you're still never quite prepared for what to expect from a new Black Needle Noise track. This is honestly where the fun lies. What other artist sports a discography as varied and storied as BNN? 

As I mentioned before, the Black Needle Noise discography is a web full of mysteries, but that's not all. If you followed it like a road map, each collaboration would be akin to a destination. Just like cities on a map, each city you come to has its own personality and feeling. Some are full of hope with a bright future ahead, while others are lived in and hide secrets around each corner. Thankfully we have a tour guide, and John always leads us along from song to song...never leaving us without a new place to visit for very long. 

Our latest destination features the songwriting and vocal talents of Antic Clay. He tells a tale as old as time...that of good and evil and the ever-watching eye judging all that he sees. "That Which Watches" unfolds like an Old Testament story as told through the lens of off the beaten path Americana. There's maturity and wisdom in Clay's voice, and Fryer's score, while subtle, intensifies and expands on the authority there. As always, he has created the perfect palette for the featured artists to show off their talents.

As most of you know, I had a featured section on Black Needle Noise. You'll be happy to know that I've managed to salvage ALL of those old posts from the old site (may it rest in peace, while the hackers responsible for ruining it can visit this song for an idea of what kind of lives they're living, ha!). I will be reinstating the Black Needle Noise / John Fryer showcase VERY soon, so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, be sure to explore the Black Needle Noise universe when you click on the link below!


There's so much more to be found at the Black Needle Noise Bandcamp page! Enjoy!