Ferus Melek / Dawn of the Dead + Recall District

As I mentioned in a post yesterday, I got completely overwhelmed here during the holidays. Between an influx in themed release submissions, Echosynthetic Fest, and the website getting hacked, I was barely treading water. Unfortunately there were multiple releases that slipped through the cracks. One such album was the Dawn of the Dead EP by Ferus Melek. With the release of his new single, Recall District, I'm taking the opportunity to cover them BOTH!

The Dawn of the Dead EP hit in November, and I'm absolutely kicking myself for every day I missed listening to it. Right from the get go, the EP starter Cairo introduces you to an artist that has a seriously defined sound. It's an expansive slow burn that builds its way to a soaring conclusion. If you're not hooked yet, wait until Raw Engine kicks in! It's a body mover that has the word "hit" written all over it. At the mid-point lies my favorite track on the EP, Son of Dark Light. It's a perfect blend of vocoder vocals, soaring synth solos, and a killer backbeat. Don't Die On Me brings the tempo down and shows that Ferus Melek has some legitimate progressive chops. Delicate piano work lays the groundwork for exploratory guitars and synths that wind their way together over echoing 80's style drums. Dawn of the Dead closes out with a serious banger of a track, Shadows (Schlagerbox Edit). More vocoder (yes, please!!!) and a beat that demands that you move, move, move end what has to be one of the best EPs of 2017.

But wait, we're not done here! Ferus Melek has a brand new single, and I want to make sure we cover it as well! Recall District brings with it a steady beat, perfectly placed slap bass (nice touch!), and those distinctive soaring Ferus Melek synths. The way that all of the elements fuse together to create harmony, especially over the chorus, just feels right. Just when you think you've heard all that the song has to offer, vocoder vocals bring the heat and add a real exclamation point on one hot single.

If you want my advice, add Ferus Melek to your shortlist of artists to follow in 2018. This guy is a real talent and it's borderline criminal that he's not a bigger name. I seriously bought his entire discography after hearing one song. Head over to Bandcamp and give this guy some love (be sure to check out his previous EP, Night of Extinction while you are there)! If you aren't following him already, head over to Twitter, Soundcloud, and Facebook NOW. You won't regret it!


Check out the rest of the Ferus Melek discography while you're there!


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If you aren't listening to Ferus Melek, you're doing it wrong. Period.