Telelectrix / Embrace the Change


If you like your synthpop with sharp, body moving hooks, a chorus-lines that sweeps you away, and sing-a-long worthy songs, I've got a band you need to be listening to. Telelectrix just released their debut LP and it is filled, top to bottom, with infectious modern synthpop. This four piece from Boston, Mass has a tight, cohesive sound that manages to avoid the "sameness" that so many synthpop bands seem to fall into.

Embrace the Change hits like a breath of fresh air. The strong bluesy vocals cut through sincere and well composed tracks, opening up each track to a very real, organic synthpop sound. It sounds like you're there with the band as you listen to the your own personal jam session. This is a unique experience as most synthpop tends to be more sterile and impersonal by nature. Bucking those formal constraints, Telelectrix have created a record that sounds very personal and open. 

In what I consider to be a home run of a debut, Telelectrix should be extremely proud of Embrace the Change. It doesn't sound like anything else on the market but it doesn't sacrifice any listenability in the process. This is one of those albums that you pop on at a party that will have everyone coming up to you asking, "Who is this?!?" and "Where did you find this album? I need to get a copy!" Luckily, you're now in the know, and knowing is half the battle!


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