New Music: French Synthwave Compilation Vol. 1


I am a HUGE fan of compilations. I think they're an excellent way to introduce yourself to tons of artists you may or may not know, get a great mix of sounds, and they're usually an excellent value. Synthwave, as a genre, has a lot to offer using compilations as a vehicle to carry the wide range of styles in one nice and neat package. They're typically themed...tributes to movies, holidays, or seasons, but nobody has locked down a theme as killer as what Last Rendez-Vous Records has put together here. I introduce you to French Synthwave Compilation Vol. 1!

I don't think it would be much of an argument that synthwave is something that the French do well. I mean, VERY well. France is a hotbed of talent, both established, and new rising stars. Compiled by the talented Jerome Lecroix (also known as LVX), LRV Records has struck a perfect balance of seasoned veterans and blazing hot rookies, offering up a collection of music that works on two levels. It serves as an excellent primer for any new synthwave fan, bringing a wealth of music to new ears. On the flip-side, it is a must own for long time synthwave fans, bringing new and unreleased music from a who's who list of French artists. I mean, check out this list of contributors!

Acidulé : 
Apocalypse 2027 : 
Away From Earth : 
Billy Mays Band : 
Crusader : 
Elevn : 
Fixions : 
Grimlin : 
Hubrid : 
IndexCode : 
Introspect : 
Leslie Nayoko : 
LVX : 
Maraudeur : 
Matt Masson : 
Mlada Fronta : 
Ninja Cyborg : 
Réno : 
Salvation : 
Shredder 1984 : 
SkelOne : 
Speed Machine : 
Tommy'86 : 
unTIL BEN : 
We are Magonia :

The first edition run of this collection on double compact disc sold out, and sold out quick. Don't wait around on the second edition pressings, as they're going quick! The French Synthwave Compilation Vol. 1 is of course available digitally as well, so head over to Bandcamp and make one of the easiest purchases you'll make this year. 



Check out that amazing Atomcyber artwork!!!