Watch Out For Snakes / Upgrade

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Just in case you didn't know already, Atlanta is a synthwave hotbed of talent. With a featured slot out in Los Angeles this summer at the Outrun the Sun Festival and an upcoming slot at the Second Annual Echosynthetic Fest, Watch Out For Snakes (WOFS) is proving he's got the talent to run with the big boys. Fresh off the heels of his album launch party for Upgrade, what better time to let you in on the secret so you can you'll be able to say, "I remember him when..."

First things first, Upgrade is going to grab you the second you press play. Synthwave is a genre that wears many coats, and the coat that Watch Out For Snakes brings to the table is an 8-bit fun infusion. If the familiarity of NES video game scores don't grab you by the nostalgia heartstrings, you're reading the wrong blog! WOFS has tapped into the warmth that all of these sounds have to offer without coming across as generic or ripping off anything from that era. Instead he used the 8-bit formula as a foundation...a stepping stone to create a sound that is totally unique to what he offers. Add in the fact that he plays this stuff on a legit keytar and you just can't help but love it!

Coming back to the talented pool of Atlanta's synth scene, there is no middle ground here. There are no middling artists trying to bringing their B-game to the party. It's all AAA talent, with names like Vampire Step-Dad, Gregorio Franco, Acid Gambit, Frisky Monkey, Atom Force (he's close enough to Atlanta), Sudstep, Electronic Warbear, 10th Letter, Ian Deaton, and so many more, you can't deny the fact that Watch Out For Snakes is right there bringing something huge to the table. I couldn't be prouder to shout out such a great debut full length! Check out Upgrade today if you haven't already!!!


He's bringing the keytar to Echosynthetic Fest this November! Be there or be square!