Caspro / Kardasynth


With 2018 churning out some of the best synth based albums I've heard in years, Caspro has just thrown his hat into the competition for Best EP. Kardasynth is unlike anything you've heard before, but before you turn your nose up and say "I don't like change!", just wait a second. This EP somehow feels like something familiar, something that speaks to the core of you. With some sort of synthetic wizardry, Caspro has created a set of songs that are utterly unique while also conveying the feeling of coming home.

Kardasynth contains seven tracks, two of which are instrumental versions of tracks that have vocals (for you diehard synthwave purists out there). I personally love the vocals here though. They soar above the electronic landscape and add so much depth, but you can thank Caspro who thought about everyone who might be listening to his music. It shows he's in touch with the scene and care about his listeners enough to spend extra time in the studio for you. 

The music on offer here is so bright and bombastic that the only artist I can think of that comes close to this is Isidor, who has the most bombastic beats in all of synthwave. Synth riffs blast off into the ether here, running higher and higher, providing a sonic counterbalance to the beat. I dare you to not move your body as you listen to these tracks. Seriously, hit play on the music player I have embedded and sit can't do it! What blows me away is how effortlessly Caspro deals with tempo changes, quite honestly switching up the groove mid-song like it's nothing. It creates a fun and engaging listening experience that's unlike anything else on offer out there.

What you may not realize is that Kardasynth is Caspro's tribute to the band Kardashev, an extremely talented atmospheric progressive metal band (this should honestly have a great deal of crossover appeal, because as I've found, most of us are also metal fans). Caspro took his favorite songs from their catalogue and completely retooled them into synthetic love letters to the originals. I think it's such a cool concept and I honestly want more of this! 

I absolutely love Caspro's Kardasynth. If you're looking for something that feels familiar but manages to break out of the pre-packaged constraints of the norm, this release was made for you. It's a killer set of songs that you'll not tire of any time soon and it is OUT NOW on Subliminal Groove Records! Did I mention this was mastered by Zayaz? He completely nailed the sound here and deserves a serious shout out!


If you don't know it already, Caspro is the real deal. Consider this fair warning!