Synesthete / Episodic Memory


Synesthete has just released his latest full length album, Episodic Memory, and it's a deeply emotive piece of work. You know how music works as a trigger for memories...even things you don't remember happening? This FEELS like those moments...almost like listening to deja vu. Somehow, Synesthete has managed to grab onto the feeling and craft and album out of that sort of nostalgia. 

Honestly, this works as a great segue into what's behind the name Synesthete. A synesthete is a person who has a condition called synesthesia...a neurological disorder that allows them to do things like, taste colors or see sounds. The reason I bring this up is because with Episodic Memory, Synesthete are bringing us as close as possible to that sort of thing. Each song brings on a whole different set of sensations and feelings...all in such a warm, almost well loved kind of way. 

If there was an award for the most positively uplifting album I've heard all year, Episodic Memory would win, hands down. It's honestly a perfect balance to the darker, heavier side of synthwave, and serves as a notice to how diverse this world of synth is. This album is the equivalent of coming home after being away for a very long time and discovering that everything is just the way it was, and sometimes that's the best feeling in the world.


Immerse yourself into the nostalgic world of Episodic Memory today!