Electric Runner / Dimensions


In what has to be one of the biggest "game changer" albums of the year, Electric Runner has just released Dimensions. To say that it's one of the year's best albums would be selling it short. This is a much bigger album than that. This is one of those albums that when someone asks you what synthwave is, you casually smile and tell them, "Check out Dimensions by Electric Runner." If you want a record that lives in the sunshine, celebrates the genre in all of its glory, and betters it in the process, do yourself a favor and grab this album. 

Let's explore a little bit more into the reasons I'm so over the moon here. First of all, the leap forward in sheer quality here is staggering. I'm not slamming any of the previous Electric Runner releases, not by a long shot, but the jump here is off the charts. Secondly, Electric Runner has embraced synthpop, new wave, shoegaze, and synthwave and created an amalgam that sounds like heaven. What you have here is an artist who has zero interest in sitting still, chugging out generic albums. On the contrary, he's moved me to chills as I listen to these tracks.

Let me take a minute to mention some of the top level talent Electric Runner has collaborated with on Dimensions. Atlanta based synthpop duo Frisky Monkey are featured on not one, but two tracks. You also have the ultimate collaborator in Oceanside85, who pops up on the best of the best albums. Beyond that you have striking vocal work from Kinnie Lane (also featured twice!), Danny Polo, Daria Danatelli, and Roxi Drive. What these collaborations do is take the Electric Runner sound and extend it outward, like arms stretched wide. It gives Dimensions a very personal feel and honestly an appeal that it wouldn't have otherwise had. He chose who he worked with very, very well.

I don't think I need to say much more, honestly. If you're setting on the fence on Dimensions, you're dead wrong. Sorry. Electric Runner has proven that Venezuela is a bright star in the synthwave universe and is a most welcome musical export to the rest of the world. It also shines a light on one of the very best things about this musical world I've found myself in. This music speaks to all of us, no matter what language we speak, our location on the globe, the political views we have, or hardships we've known. In the music we are one, and what better soundtrack for that than a record that celebrates everything I just said.

You want this. You need this. Dimensions is a genre defining record!