Computronic / Navigator


And now for something a little different from one of our favorite synthwave artists. Computronic has just released a new EP titled Navigator, a minimalist exploration of the cold dark of space and the machines that inhabit that reality. The release serves as a welcome stop-gap between full length Computronic albums. I know I am impatiently waiting for the follow up to last year's amazing Even the Score, but that doesn't mean I'm looking past Navigator in the meantime. 

As I mentioned before, Navigator is not a direct follow up to Even the Score...not in style or story. If you're looking for the pop hooks that laced the previous Computronic release, they're back on Earth with its protagonist, Rick Donald. With Navigator you get GS129 and and the austerity of circuits, gleaming metal, and the cold indifference of machines. I don't mean any of those things as a negative, in fact, there's not enough of this stuff out there. It heralds back to the days of the origins of synth based music, and for this guy that is a magical period in music. Fuse that robotic synthetic sound with modern synthwave and you've got Navigator.

I've had this EP on repeat most of the afternoon, and for only 1 Canadian Dollar over at Bandcamp it's a legitimate steal. I think going a different direction for this EP was a brilliant move on Computronic's part. If he'd given us an EP with a similar feel to Even the Score he ran the risk of burnout ahead of a new record. Instead, he's managed to sidestep that completely and give us something truly unique. Bravo!



Explore a world of machines, steel, and circuits with Computronic!