Xetrovoid / Self-Replicating Machine


Xetrovoid is an artist that I've been following for quite some time. He's also an artist that never fails to better his last release. Self-Replicating Machine is no exception, completely blowing me away within second of hitting play. How Xetrovoid isn't a household name is beyond me...it's almost criminal. The level of quality he puts into his releases is on par with the AAA artists in synthwave, and he honestly has few that can equal his creative intensity.

Self-Replicating Machine is a tour de force that aims directly for the jugular immediately. It's compact, but what Xetrovoid delivers is beat driven controlled mayhem. Blending post apocalyptic synthwave with bare bones EBM beats gives the release an edge that you wouldn't have if it leaned too much in either direction. It benefits from a militant atmosphere that the EBM beats give it, while the synthwave roots keep it from feeling minimalistic and austere. It's a sound that isn't getting much of a push on the scene right now so it sounds unbelievably fresh.

Beyond the base roots of the sound that I just mentioned, Xetrovoid has really played with what that status quo is...taking notes and bending them to his will. He's created a sound here that seems to be deconstructing as we are listening to it, lending a great deal of depth and atmosphere to Self-Replicating Machines. As the reigning king of cyberpunk synthwave, Xetrovoid is pushing the edges and finds himself creating his own path instead of following others. Nobody is on this level. Nobody.


Be sure to check out "Killer Technology!" Easily one of the best tracks of the year!