MacReady / 2600


As soon as the intro to "Night Driver" started playing to kick off 2600, I was hooked. What MacReady have managed to do on this EP is nothing short of amazing. A.) They've managed to give me goosebumps, which sadly doesn't happen as much as it used to. B.) They've fused sounds together that I've absolutely never heard alongside each other. For me, 2600 is a gamechanger type release...a "You need to take notice, because these guys are the real deal" kind of release.

Alright, you've got an release titled 2600. As a consumer you think you might know what you're getting, right? Some hook-filled chiptune, Atari-inspired, fun, but ultimately derivative tunes. Oh, how wrong you are. As my good friend Anthony over at the ACS Universe YouTube channel would say, "You're not ready!" And you're not. Like I mentioned above, MacReady have blended some pretty unique things together to create a very unique, but ultimately very satisfying listen. "Like what?!?" you're probably wondering. Well, let's see. You're getting minimalist, off tempo beats, off kilter synth hooks, grungy guitar riffs accompanied by plunging bass dives, and that's just in ONE SONG! There are FOUR songs here!

I mean it when I say that MacReady's 2600 is an absolute gem. This isn't your run-of-the-mill release, and four tracks is such a tease. I want more where this came from, and that's where you come in. They need to know how amazing this is, so please...pretty the link below and BUY IT. It's a name your price release over at Bandcamp, but after hearing these songs I'm sure you mind throwing a few bucks their way. Music like this doesn't come along often enough and it certainly deserves a spot in your collection!


Click above to have your mind blown + name your price @ Bandcamp!