Oceanside85 / Glow + Interview


That's right, fresh off of her album of the year nomination here at Echosynthetic, Oceanside85 has dropped brand new music! But this isn't just any plain old new release, oh no! This is about the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling! Glow is a charity release to help the famous Matilda The Hun with her medical expenses. She's had a rough go of it lately and truly could use the help. All proceeds from the EP will be going toward her GoFundMe.

You can find Glow on the Oceanside85 Bandcamp page, and I can't recommend it highly enough, especially for wrestling fans. Each track plays out like an entrance song, vignette background, or thematic aesthetic for the greatest days of wrestling. More than that, it sounds like a gem (it was mastered by The G, after all!), features 20SIX Hundred, and a surefire early contender for album artwork of the year by Heather Hermann. Glow is so good that I just HAD to talk to Oceanside85 about her work on this album!

Welcome back! We last interviewed you back in June. How are you?

Hey thank you for having me! I'm really good. I've been able to finally sort out some major stuff this last year so I can focus more on music. I've got lots of lists started of plans I'm going to try and make happen. Just released my new logo! Feeling ready to go hard in 2018.

You’ve got a new album out. What can you tell us about Glow?

Glow is an homage to the 80's tv classic all women wrestling show Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. Back in the day they had a show where there were tons of amazing characters but only one entrance song. So I thought I would take some of my favorite Glow girls and make theme for them. Its a 6 track album featuring the amazing guitar gods Ultraboss and 20SIX Hundred. They really added the perfect touch to this album. I can't thank them enough for lending their talents to this ep. I really can't thank The G and Heather Hermann enough either ..The G did the mastering and Heather was the genius behind the amazing art for the album cover. Shout out to Square Wave Clothing and electricdreamrecords for donating prizes for the contest. Oh yes the contest is running until the end of Feb. Top 3 donators through bandcamp will receive a Oceanside85 T ..and the top donation will get a T, a Computronic album code (Thx Computronic!) , Any vinyl from Electricdreamrecords, and the original signed cover art by Heather Hermann the Duchess of Deco.

This is a charity album, right? Can you tell us more about why you got involved and where the money is going?

Yes this is a charity album for the legendary womens wrestler Matilda The Hun and her health concerns. I was a big Glow fan as a kid and was looking them up because of the Glow Netflix series coming back and when I saw her gofundme and what she was having to go through, I wanted to do something. She had given me so much entertainment and inspiration as a child I wanted to do anything I could to help her out. I was already planning some wrestling themed albums but this just made it an obvious choice. Glow is dedicated to all the og Glow wreslters. My thank you to them for making this little kid Oceanside85 feel like she could be as strong as she wanted to be. All proceeds are going to Matilda's gofundme. I will be donating all of the money at the end of Feb. If you would like to make a direct donation her gofundme is http://www.gofundme.com/matildathehun

What do you have up your sleeve for the rest of 2018?

Hmmm what do I have up my sleeves ...should I tell you or just keep it a surprise. Ok ill let you know some things but there will be a couple things I'll keep for when the time is right. What I can tell you is I'm doing a Dark EP (as of yet unnamed), which will be released in Oct. I also have my 2nd vocal album which is now in production, 'Neon Dreams.' I'm aiming for a summer release...the special part to that is every track is a collab with amazing producers I look up to. I am very excited to show people some previews in the coming months. I also am always doing some kind of collab outside of my own collab album and, and did I mention my collabs, haha? I'm doing extra collaborations because I absolutely love them and so far so good with most everyone I've tried to create something with. However after the many collabs and vox album I'll be focusing back on a instrumental album or 2.

You’ve collaborated with quite a few artists! Is there a dream collaboration still out there?

You're telling me! haha and surprisingly yes there is such a wide spectrum of synthwave artist I've only gotten a quarter of the collabs I have in mind done so far haha. A dream collaboration for synthwave I'd say FM-84 and for Darkwave I'd say Daniel Deluxe.

You expanded your live show in 2017. Can we expect more Oceanside85 on stage this year?

Yes! I'll be doing more shows this year ..trying to get out there as much as I can. Its my favorite thing to do with my music. Singing it in my room is one thing but being able to perform the entire song in front of people and have them really feel the music is the best ever. I have 2 shows coming up Feb 11th at the Hindenberg in Vancouver...it's going to be awesome! They have old arcades and I'll be playing with some of my favorite synth fam 20SIX Hundred, Dynastes, and from Seattle Wolftron! Feb 17th I'll be playing a local show in Vic at Logan's Pub with my friend Sex Death Religon. I'll also be having for the first time a dancer /neon hooper doing some cool stuff while I play. It's gonna be rad I cant wait!

What was your favorite album that hit last year?

My favorite album has to be The Dark Beyond by Gregorio Franco its hits hard and he's an awesome dude.

Any parting words before we go?

I want to say thanks to everyone who digs my music and has ever liked a track or wrote a comment or bought an album...you guys are the wind beneath my neon wings. I have lots more for you to come so stay tuned, stay rad, and jam on! Thanks again James for having me and someday I hope to make it out to Echosynthetic Fest so I can meet all my American Synthfam. Cheers!


Check out that Heather Hermann artwork! Seriously amazing!