Die Scum Inc. / Everending Summer


Just in case you were wondering, it's official. With the release of Everending Summer, Die Scum Inc. has kicked open the doors of the Summer of Synth! You can almost feel the summer sun, the light reflecting off of the water, and the fun that seems like magic in a bottle. For me, a new DSI album is always exciting because they always put so much heart into their records. Everending Summer is no exception and it aims to celebrate the best of times you had in summers past.

What is your best summer memory? Mine was as a 17 year-old with a Blockbuster Video card in hand. I started in the A's of the the horror vhs section and moved my way all the way to the end over the course of the summer. I didn't realize then that was my last summer as a "kid", free of care and serious responsibility. I would start college the next year and life would never be the same. You know that feeling as you think back on times like that? Everending Summer is that feeling put to music. 

The first thing you may have noticed is that Everending Summer breaks away from the Notion Picture Soundtrack format that Die Scum Inc. have used up until this point. I think the timing was just right for this side-step album, as the summer heat has certainly arrived (it was 95 degrees here in Georgia yesterday!). There's something about summer and synths that meld together so well, I think that a whole album dedicated to the memories of summers past is not only brilliant, it's about the most synthwave thing you could possibly do.

When you add in collaborations with Ethereal Delusions, Moonrunner'83, and JJ Christie, I think Die Scum Inc. have done exactly what I mentioned earlier, captured magic in a bottle. Summer is a fickle season...it's gone before you know it but there are so many fun times captured during those few months. Whether your summer memories are at the water, the mountains, or the arcade, Everending Summer is sure to tap into the core of the best of those times. 


Coming Soon on Cassette!!!