Wolf Club / Chasing the Storm


Sometimes when I'm covering music there is an album that just stops me in my tracks. I'm unable to do anything more than just sit back and let the music take me along for the ride. Chasing the Storm by Wolf Club is one such album. The second I pushed play I was completely enraptured by what was coming through my speakers, much like the first time I heard Timecop1983...an overwhelming thankfulness that it existed.

From beginning to end Chasing the Storm is filled with pop goodness. Hook laden dancefloor hits that feel like they were ripped right out of your 80's memories hit you one after another. The groove inducing tracks are perfectly balanced by ballads that could very well have been slow skate songs or the score for a romantic interlude in a box office smash circa 1985. You're probably saying to yourself, "I've heard bands like that before...what's so special about Wolf Club?" Well, let me tell you...plenty. There's an emotional connection with these tracks that just can't be put into words. You know how you hear a song that pulls you back to a time and a place? Chasing the Storm feels like an entire album of being pulled back to a time and a place you may not have been to, but it feels real all the same. I can't explain it, and I'm not discounting that some sort of synth wizardry isn't involved.

Whatever they did, and however they did it, Wolf Club have created one of the best albums I've heard since I started Echosynthetic. This isn't just a must own for people in the know or synthwave / synthpop fans. Chasing the Storm is a must own for anyone, and I mean anyone, who enjoys good music. What a tremendous feather in the TimeSlave Recordings discograpy! What are you waiting for? Go buy this now!


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