Synesthete / Remixes Chvrches & Jaayns

I am a huge sucker for remixes...I mean HUGE! There's something close to magic about taking a song and retooling it in such a way that it becomes something new...a completely different experience. It's a fun way to enjoy music by your favorite bands, especially between releases. Sometimes an artist is able to strike gold and reimagine a song in such a way that it supersedes the original. Was Synesthete able to pull off such a rare feat? Let's find out.

The first song we're going to look at is the Synesthete Remix of the smash single from Chvrches, "Get Out." He affectionately refers to his take on the track as his "Kaleidoscope" remix because he did something really special here. He took the original chorus of the song and moved it to a pre-chorus, making the kaleidoscope section the new chorus. It gives me goosebumps just writing about it! Click play on the embedded've got to hear it! Not only is it my new definitive way to listen to this song, it's also better than the questions asked.

Next up we've got the Synesthete Remix of "Monitors" by Leeds based singer-songwriter Jaayns. He manages to take a subtle track and bring it to the forefront by creating a slowburn effect. The track builds as it spins out its running time, and in doing this he manages to hold on to the depth of the original while adding his own stamp to the single. This is how you remix, people. If you go too far one way or the other you lose the track in the process. Synesthete walked the tightrope with great success here.

Keep your eyes peeled here over the next week. Synesthete has a new album coming out and you can be sure you're going to find a full review here at Echosynthetic!