Lusterlit / You Were Never Really Here


If you're tired of listening to the same thing in a different package every day, I may be able steer you in the right direction. Brooklyn, New York based Lusterlit are the farthest thing you're going to find from status quo. The duo of Charlie Nieland and Susan Hwang create music based around literary influences, and if you've ever read a good book you know the amazing places they can take you. It's with great excitement that I now focus your attention on their latest release!

You Were Never Really Here plays out like a double A-Side release, containing the singles "River" and "Rolodex." Both are immersive experiences and deserving of your utmost attention, with Nieland contributing "River" and Hwang bringing "Rolodex" to the table. I love this approach because you get to hear two very different songs that are tied together as Lusterlit songs. Both tracks are inspired by Jonathan Ames' Novella/Film You Were Never Really Here and were performed as part of the Bushwick Book Club events in Brooklyn, NY and Los Angeles, CA. 

Both "River" and "Rolodex" grow on you more with each listen. Much like the songs start off in one place and end in a very different space, You Were Never Really Here benefits from feeling like the listener is an active participant. Like all great releases, Lusterlit have produced something you're going to want to keep close at hand and added to your summer listening playlists. If you want to pop it onto the turntable, they've got you hooked up there as well! Click below to check out the 7" vinyl!


Be sure to explore the rest of Lusterlit's catalogue while you're there!