Lightfrequency / Nowhere Prophet OST


When he's not shredding things up and slaying giant monsters in Big Lich, Mike Beaton, AKA Lightfrequency, is proving he is a man of many talents. Not only has he expanded his Lightfrequency discography, he's doing so with the official OST to the new game Nowhere Prophet, a new rogue-like with tactical, card-based combat (count me in!!!). 

With the game being set on the planet of Soma, a ragged wasteland filled with broken civilizations, the Nowhere Prophet OST is suitably atmospheric and draws you into the world it lives in. When you're playing a game, the soundtrack can make or break the experience. A good OST can immerse you even deeper into the experience. A bad score can put you off and leave you wondering why you started the game in the first place. Not only has Lightfrequency succeeded in creating strong and enjoyable soundtrack, he's written something that can also stand alone as a strong new album (something that isn't always achieved!).

You can find the Nowhere Prophet right now by clicking below, and I've also included links to check out the game as well. You're missing out if you aren't experiencing them both together! Also, you can be sure to find this cover art nominated for the Album Art of the Year Synthy! So cool!


Bold, immersive, and sets a new standard for synthwave scores

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