OSC / Him (with J. Frederick)


OSC (Opus Science Collective) has one of the most varied and interesting music catalogues in the entire synth scene. From remixed video game scores to compelling synth soundscapes, you're guaranteed a good time. That being said, Him may just be the most compelling and well put together piece of work in that storied discography. It hits every note right and leaves you wanting to come back for more. I can't imagine a higher compliment than that.

Him has summer written all over it. It has that easy going, breezy feel that you associate with cutting loose on those warm and carefree months. That's not to say that this release doesn't carry an emotional punch, because it most certainly does. I think that's the magic here. OSC joining forces with J. Frederick on vocals adds an extra layer of personal touch...a layer that you can feel. It lends to an organic experience that the listener can relate to, carrying with it all the waves emotion that comes along with the highs and lows of a relationship.


The summer of synth is most certainly finding itself off to a better than last year. People caught on a little bit late last year, but OSC has ensured that this year is off to a bright start. This is one of those fun and engaging releases that just oozes crossover appeal...even your friends who don't know what synthwave is will find themselves grooving to this! You can even snag it on CD for those lazy summer drives where the sun casts those pink and violet rays as it sets!


Available Now

On the always amazing Lazerdiscs Records