Azriel / The Fall


Azriel has to be one of the hardest working guys on the scene. He's constantly releasing new music, growing the expanded universe that these releases live in, and does it all while also being one of the most supportive and kind synthwavers out there. For a scene that has so much gatekeeping these days, it is refreshing to find someone who genuinely wants the best for those around him. I bring this up because you can feel this in his music. You can feel the care, the hard work, and the love in every single note.

The Fall takes place 25 years before the Ivy Incident, and this is where you should stop if you've not listened to the rest of Azriel's music. As I hinted at before, he has a connected universe in his discography, and this release fleshes out more of the story. You should certainly click on the links below to check out the rest of his discography while you're snagging this release. What you'll find in this release, much like the rest of his work, is an immersive and futuristic world that sucks you right in. It's easy to get lost in these dark, neon, and chrome streets so thankfully Azriel keeps putting out music to help you find your way through this dangerous world.

At the time of this writing you can buy the whole Azriel discography for 15 Euros over at Bandcamp, and that is a steal and a half. Go ahead and take the plunge and find out why Azriel is such a well loved member of the synthwave scene.


There's no better time than now to dive into what Azriel has to offer!