Ferus Melek / Decay of the Mainframe


Finally! I've been waiting for the release date of Ferus Melek's latest, Decay of the Mainframe, for what seems like ages. Was it worth the wait? You bet it was! Melek has quickly become one of my very favorite artists and it is beyond me why he isn't already a household name in the synth scene. The atmospherically deep compositions, combined with aggressive hooks, and melodies that soar place Decay of the Mainframe firmly amongst the best new releases of the year.

The dystopia surrounding the album shines through, with each song feeling like an observation of a vast metropolis long devoid of life. The central core of the story here revolves around the city of Octoparis that exists in a distant future where man is long dead and the mainframe rules an evil computer network that aims to keep it that way. The title of the release, Decay of the Mainframe, suggests that even that network is starting to fail, leaving hope that maybe one day the machines will fail.

Ferus Melek has tapped into solid gold here on this record. It is an extremely satisfying listen, very accessible (even for fans new to synthwave), but still maintains a seriously ambitious edge to it. Most artists falter there...leaning too far towards listenability (ending up with a generic record), or too far the other way (which leaves the listener confused about what they just heard). Decay of the Mainframe is a must own and a showcase piece for why synthwave is such a magical genre of music. It's unique, a whole lot of fun, and guaranteed to have repeat spins!


Believe me, this is required listening, whether you're a casual synthwave fan or a connoisseur!