FacexHugger / Sci-Fi Violence


Over the course of 2017 FacexHugger set himself apart from the pack as a serious force to be reckoned with in dark synthwave music. Always pushing himself to be better, Sci-Fi Violence follows Chasing Replicants in what has to be called the upgrade of the year. Don't think that I'm looking down on Chasing Replicants, because I'm not. It's a fantastic record that was so good I had to have him as part of the First Annual Echosynthetic Fest. The reality is this...Sci-Fi Violence is a start to finish masterpiece...a love letter to horror and science fiction that just oozes quality.

Before I get started, if you're going to be listening along as you read, please put on your best headphones. Sci-Fi Violence has serious KICK to it, and the layering of sound so nuanced, that you're doing yourself a disservice to listen through anything substandard. That actually brings me to the production work done here. With the bulk of the tracks produced by Street Cleaner (tracks 1-7 and 10), and The Encounter rounding things out (tracks 8 and 9), there's no way you're not going to come out with a smash hit record. Between FacexHugger's amazing songwriting skills, presence of mind when it comes to atmosphere, and surrounding himself with friends who are not only talented songwriters themselves, but also adept in the studio, he has set himself up for nothing but success.

Sci-Fi Violence sets off like a salvo of missiles fired by space marines into a hive of alien scum, and closes like you're looking through the haze of smoke left behind. With guest appearances by Shredder 1984, Gregorio Franco, Street Cleaner, Glitbiter, and The Encounter, there's little wiggle room to catch your breath in between these ten tracks. FacexHugger has created something here that I will be listening to well into next year, and I expect to find new and interesting things to love about it over the course of that time. What are you waiting for? Buy. This. Album!


Seriously...did you not read my last sentence? Add this to your collection now!