Dimi Kaye / Dangerous


There are a lot of celebrated artists in the synthwave community, but few are as well loved as Dimi Kaye. Not only is the guitar hero of the synth world, he's also an amazingly nice dude, so it's easy to understand why he's so universally enjoyed. His body of work is the stuff of legends, including solo work, guest appearances, and collaborations with a who's who list of other artists. I'm putting this all out there to let you know, A.) Dimi Kaye has a new album out, and B.) just in case you didn't realize it already, he's kind of a big deal.

Dangerous plays out like you're listening to a radio station, The RUNN 97.6 FM, to be exact. A DJ named Missy (played by Jazzi Marzcat) helps the story narration unfold between songs, very much like in the film The Warriors. It's a super cool and fun concept and it lends a serious taste of nostalgia to the record. Why? Because radio DJs are boring now and everything it pre-packaged for radio now. I understand that this isn't the case with all radio stations, but you know exactly what I'm talking about. This feels like a real throwback to a day when the radio was a fun adventure, the DJs played what they wanted, and you never knew what you'd hear next. 

Beyond the cool concept, Dangerous is easily Kaye's most ambitious and complete record to date. It is stacked, from top to bottom, with single quality tracks. Pick any one of these songs and you're going to find Dimi Kaye at the top of his game, fusing expert level guitar work with synth scores that work in every single way. What really brings this all together is how different each track is from the other, which totally ties in with the radio theme. It shows a wide breadth of talent, attention to little details, and more than anything, Dimi Kaye's ability to plug into any sort of situation.

Dangerous is a true synthwave event, with something that quite honestly anyone should find a connection with. Whether you like your songs blistering down the outrun road, or slowed down with an ambient chill to it, Kaye has your fix right here in a tight, well produced package. 

Don't forget to check out Mafer, the artist behind the AMAZING cover for the album (she also did the artwork over at the Echosynthetic Twitter account). She's the bee's knees!


What are you waiting for? Dimi Kaye just officially kicked off the summer of synth 2018!