Gregorio Franco / Quantum Memories


One of Atlanta's premiere dark synth acts has a new album, but Gregorio Franco has pulled a Rod Serling on us and added a sci-fi Twilight Zone twist. Quantum Memories is the classic dark Franco sound you know and love but he's moved the setting from the depths to the stars. It may seem like an easy feat but I can assure you that there are plenty of musicians out there who struggle to break out of the lane they're in. What you may not have known is that this isn't the first time Franco has broken free of genre constraints (check out his Dronn side project for some serious dungeon delving fun).

If you pay close attention to the Bandcamp page for Quantum Memories you'll see that this album was originally conceived back in 2014/15. It was re-recorded this year with experience that 4 to 5 more years on the scene will give you. I think this is very interesting because it shows the depth of creativity that has to be constantly bursting to get free. If Gregorio Franco were to ever hear voices in his head, something tells me they'd speak synth. 

Quantum Memories is an expansive and often dangerous adventure. I love the balance of sounds that Franco is able to manage here, ranging from subtle ambient tracks that float you past comet trails to aggressive tracks that pound you into the asteroid fields. The was the songs play out shows a deft hand on Franco's part as well in the overall pace of the record. It never feels boring or repetitive...on the contrary, it feels as if it's pulling you along toward a destination of unknown origins.

Before I go I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that there's Gregorio Franco merch available, which had only previously been available at live shows. I personally own several Gregorio Franco shirts and I can gladly say they receive multiple sideways glances, scowls, and general disapproval from most who see them. In short, they're awesome! Check out his MERCH page for more info.


Check out Gregorio Franco's dark space adventure for yourself!