Astral Tales / Seafari


I try to be as professional as possible in this field of work, but do you know how hard it is to contain my glee when I find new Astral Tales in my inbox? Then imagine my disappointment when my site gets DDoS'd AGAIN, leaving me unable to get a review up before/on release date. I hope that he understands the delay and I can only hope that I do this masterpiece justice here.

Seafari is infinitely beyond anything I could have expected out of Astral Tales in a new album. Let me be clear though...I always have high expectations out of him. If you've been following what he's released thus far, you know that the word "quality" is synonymous with Astral Tales. That being said, I am completely floored by this record. I suppose it's fitting that it is titled Seafari because it is most certainly an immersive adventure. 

Where to start...I guess I'd like to mention how massive this record sounds, and more importantly, feels. The best way I can describe it is like this: If Stanley Kubrick had created 2001: The Undersea Odyssey, Seafari would be its soundtrack. It's as if you are standing on a brilliantly lit, sandy beach, and you step into the watery abyss. What greets you there? Darkness and then brilliance. Real adventure. Mysteries that unravel slowly into the watery depths. For me, the most striking thing that Seafari imposes upon the listener is real emotion. Close your eyes and you're there. Call it sleight of hand. Call it transportive music. I prefer to call it magic.

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