Isidor / Lord of Synth


Anyone who has been following Echosynthetic for some time will know that I thought Isidor's 2017 smash record 3218 was one of the best things since sliced bread. Tracks from that record are in pretty much every synthwave playlist I have on my iPhone, it's that good. Learning that Isidor had a new album coming out had me feeling mixed emotions. Why? My first reaction was excitement, obviously, but it was followed with concern. How in the world was he going to top what he'd done in 3218? Turns out I need to keep my emotions in check because not only has he managed to exceed my expectations, he's blown his previous work out of the water. Lord of Synth is album of the year material.

Synthwave as a genre has had many ebbs and month dark synth is the trend, then outrun takes over again, and it is replaced with something else that has already had its time in the neon sun countless times before. The most successful artists are those that stick to their guns, develop a sound, and grow it. There is no keeping up with the Joneses, there's a dedication to their craft and the need to hone it. Isidor falls into that camp. He has a unique sound that is instantly recognizable...a sort of bombastic intensity that's unmatched by anyone else in the industry. He doesn't have time, or the need, to try and sound like anyone else because he's the one setting the trends. Lord of Synth is exactly that...a trendsetting record that hits like a jackhammer and dares you to come along for the ride.

Something else worth mentioning is that Isidor writes, records, mixes, and masters all of his own work. This is always impressive to me because even in the world of radio-pop music, nobody handles the whole kit and kaboodle themselves. I mention this because Lord of Synth sounds oh so very good. It's crystal clear and sounds especially great through high quality headphones. 

If you haven't figured it out already, I absolutely love this record. Isidor has outdone himself and created a truly special record. You'll be seeing this one in my year end lists so be sure and be in the know early. I'm giving you the cheat sheet for album of the year nominees and Isidor has firmly planted his flag on that list with Lord of Synth. Grab it now!

Snag one of the year's best albums, hands down