Electronic Warbear / Alien Dimension + Interview


Sure, you've heard me talk about artists like Vampire Step-Dad, Gregorio Franco, Acid Gambit, Frisky Monkey, Ian Deaton, Atom Force, and Watch Out For Snakes in the very talent rich Atlanta (and surrounding areas) music scene. Make room for another name on the list as Electronic Warbear has made a serious argument as a hot new talent on the scene. His latest work, Alien Dimension, just dropped today and it's worth mentioning in the same discussion as the bands above.

Alien Dimension is the third EP from Electronic Warbear, but I hope he doesn't mind me saying it's his best work to date. I don't want to diminish what he's already accomplished, but this release is such a leap forward that it bears mention. What I really love about it is how very retro it feels, almost Kraftwerkian. Not to say it has their specific sound, but it has that same experimental, exploratory feel to it. That "feel" honestly fits well since the record chronicles space exploration and the perils of that trip. 

I've had the pleasure of talking to Electronic Warbear on several occasions at shows in and around Atlanta, including last year's Echosynthetic Fest. He's such a nice and unassuming guy, seriously a pleasure to be around. You'd never know that he's at home like a mad scientist putting together some of the best hooks I've heard all year. If you like your synths with a foot in the origins of the genre, Electronic Warbear needs to be on your playlist, and I mean right now. Keep scrolling down to check out my full interview!


Head over to Bandcamp to get your copy today!

Thanks so much for talking to us! What can you tell us about Electronic Warbear? 

Glad to be talking! So Electronic Warbear is my second musical identity. I released other albums and EPs under another name between 2013 - 15, before I got into producing Synthwave. So far there is not much of a cohesion of ideas forming the identity, but one day I hope I'll figure it out. I went from wanting to make myself anonymous to just saying screw it. There is plenty to find out about what I want Warbear to be.

You've got new music out! What can you tell us about Alien Dimension? 

My third EP under this moniker. Its a short soundtrack to a story I want to write, but never have the time for. The idea is just of a deep space exploration craft encountering hostile alien life and fighting them off. One of the kinds of sci-fi stories I've been most exposed to. Each song had a theme to it in my head and I hope that they express that theme to those that listen.

What is it like being part of the amazing Atlanta synth scene? 

Pretty fantastic I'd say! There are people here who are very creative and genuinely cool. I know that Atlanta is the southern hub of Rap and Hip-hop but man, it's great to see that there are people bringing the electronic music subgenres to the table. Its great to be thought of as someone in this scene.

What got you started into synthwave? 

Hotline Miami, Perturbator and Carpenter Brut. It must have been around when Hotline Miami 2 released. I started to see people everywhere talk about it and the soundtrack. So I looked up the game and listened to the soundtrack. Loved every bit of it. I bought many Perturbator and Carpenter Brut CDs thanks to the game. Also love pumping up the MOON and El Huervo when I can.

5. What was your favorite album of 2017?

Oh dang, hard question for me. I have trouble listening to new stuff a lot of times, and I have trouble picking favorites! I might have to say for now a tie between Perturbator's New Model, FacexHugger's Chasing Replicants, Gregorio Franco's The Dark Beyond and Vampire Step-Dad's Night Shift. Basically most of what I listened to last year.

What have you been listening to so far this year? 

Well recently I've been on a Smashing Pumpkins kick. Siamese Dream is a regular in the car. The new Ghost music video has me listening to their album Meliora again. Also pulled out another old favorite due to the rainy weather: Burial's Untrue. Recent additions to the Bandcamp are in my rotation including Henceshelied's Save The Way We Do, Elay Arson's Spirit | Death, Dreddd's Black Goat part 2 and Hexenkraft's The Infernal Schism. So all around I've been mixing it up a bit.

Top 3 films of all time? 

I might have to start with Return of the Jedi. I've always loved Star Wars and Episode VI was my favorite as a kid. I loved the battle around the second Death Star and Luke vs Darth Vader. It has a special place in my heart.

Second I'd have to say Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. It was the first Studio Ghibli work I saw and one of the best films my mom had ever shown me. It's the main reason I love anime and still have an appreciation for animation of any kind.

Lastly I'll say Evil Dead. That's the original 1981 movie. I have too many friends who only know the 2013 remake/reboot. The original movie to me is one of those movies I could watch over and over. The cheesiness of it along with the wonderful effects and great ingenuity of it. Its always a fun watch.

Any parting words? 


Thanks to those that support the release of the EP. It will be on most every streaming service by the release date. I hope you enjoy it! Also big thanks to Echosynthetic for this interview/review.