White Tiger / KVLT + Interview


Have you ever stumbled across something and had the immediate feeling you weren't supposed to be seeing or hearing it. Like it was some sort of dark secret...kept just under the layer of reality that we all experience. That's what KVLT, the latest from White Tiger is like. It's like discovering a possibly dangerous radio program on the dark web. The instant you hear it you get this feeling that it's aware of you...that you're now part of it. 

I say all of the above with the utmost compliment. KVLT is quite an album, and there's really nothing quite like it on the market. White Tiger has crafted one of the darkest, yet strangely listenable, albums of 2018 with what he's done here. What really surprises me is how varied it is from start to finish. There is a general "feel" to the whole record, but you're never going to be bored due to the lack of variety. This is much harder to do than it sounds and White Tiger deserves a tremendous amount of credit for how listenable KVLT is.

If you like to tread on the dark side, enjoy your music pulled from the underbelly of the current trends, or you just want something that it's like everything else out there, you'd be crazy to pass up on White Tiger's latest effort. Keep scrolling for my full interview!


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Welcome, and thanks for talking to us! What can you tell new listeners about White Tiger?

White Tiger is a musical outlet for my electronic/retro/synthwave creations. It was initially started as a band with a singer, but things didn't really get off the ground that way. So it became more or less my solo project with various guest singers along the way. It gives me a way of keeping the majority of creative control while still being able to have the freedom of being able to collaborate with musicians all over the globe. 

Your new album, KVLT, just released. How does it feel to have it out there in the world?

It's odd as I nearly scrapped it. It was recorded around September time and sort of went on the back burner and I left it and had forgotten about it all and started writing new music for a new album. Then iTunes randomly put on the demos I had finished in Feb-ish and really enjoyed it and couldn't figure out why I wanted to scrap it in the first place. I suppose it could have been that its very dark, gothic and moody and not very 80s, palm trees and sunsets. Haha. Coming back to music with fresh ears is a lesson well learnt. So I ended up writing 2 more songs for it (Season of the Witch and Eyes of the Zodiac) and an intro and middle piece and it became an entire album. But in that 80s sense where an album has 8 or so songs.

How does it differ from your previous work?

As mentioned above, its very dark, gothic, moody and metal in places. Which my first wasnt really. My first album Voyager is influenced by all the movies I loved growing up as a kid (Escape from New York, Big Trouble in Little China, Aliens, Hellraiser etc) while this, I suppose is influenced by the music of my teen years (metal, rock, ebm, goth type stuff). 

Who did the amazing cover art?

That would be my good buddy RJ! You can check out more of his amazing artwork here: https://www.facebook.com/BREAR.ART/

You’ve got some pretty big live shows under your belt now. What are the biggest challenges of transitioning your songs to a live setting?

I think because there's so many layers to the music, is what parts you do or do not. In the end, I ended up DJing the songs, and adding in edits and random movie samples, as that is easily doable and a small set up. Because its important to be portable, as I am not quite Carpenter Brut yet...haha But eventually I'd like to get a live drummer, guitarist and keyboard player and go down that more traditional live route. 

What’s your advice to a new artist trying to pave their way into this music?

Don't measure your success, or value on social media numbers. Don't play that game. If you like the music you make...YOU ARE A SUCCESS. If people like it too, that is just an added bonus. Everyone likes to be liked. But making music for yourself is key. Or you may as well just produce pop music instead if its about likes etc.

What have you been listening to lately?

I don't really listen to that much synthwave per say. But lately its been Drab Majesty, Cold Cave and a lot of new goth. I have a bunch of synthwave playlists I have on while I'm doing other things away from my work. Also, I've been getting back into metal of late and really dig a Danish band called Baest. They play sort of old skool Swedish death metal style.

Any parting words?

Live long, and prosper. *spock hand*