Decade Defector / Flesh and Bone (Decade Defector Remix)


If you're like me you're itching for some new Decade Defector music. Their album Renegade was one of last year's hottest albums and set them apart as a serious force to be reckoned with. That being said, I've got good news. They've just released a new single!

"Flesh and Bone" is actually a song by Decade Defector's lead singer, Tom Edwards. The original can be found on The Bookstore EP released earlier this year. It's filled with soulful acoustic magic and worthy of your attention, and that brings us back around to the topic at hand. The song has been given the Decade Defector treatment, and in doing so have created something quite interesting and compelling.

The bluesy folk of the original track is still there in Tom's vocals but the blood flowing through its veins is pure synth. It reminds me a lot of Martin's Depeche Mode get bluesy guitar, vocals that you can feel down to your soul, and a synth hook that keeps you coming back for me. Couldn't recommend this track more! 


The new remix from Decade Defector is available at Bandcamp right now!


Check out the source material here!

James Mitchell