Shadows and Mirrors Interview + Vinyl News

Shadows and Mirrors_Front Cover_1325x132511.jpg

Before we get to the interview I've got big vinyl news from the Shadows and Mirrors camp. The Wild Life has an ultra limited edition vinyl that dropped yesterday afternoon and it's almost sold out already. As of this writing only 4 copies are left, but I'm sure those are going to be gone soon. What exactly do you get in this amazing collector's edition? Check it out!

  • 18 x 24 poster
  • Booklet (not pictured)
  • Original art lithograph (7 Gekko, 7 Bateman, and 7 Bud Fox)
  • Gekko Litho and Bud Fox Litho are work in progress
  • Custom prism sticker (55 Gekko Office, 30 Bateman, 10 Bud Fox, and 5 Gekko Penthouse)
  • 1 piece of memorabilia from either Wall Street or American Psycho (random)
  • Name in the liner notes
  • Digital download card
  • Business Card
  • Shadows and Mirrors "The Wild Life" t-shirt (specify size in your order detail please)

That's easily one of the coolest hauls I've ever seen with a limited edition vinyl. For those of you wondering if there will be a regular edition of the vinyl, I have good news. Shadows and Mirrors has confirmed that there will be!


Click above to snag the vinyl or take advantage of the crazy low $1 for the digital!

Thank you so much for taking the time out to talk to us. We're thrilled to have you on the site! For anyone discovering you with your latest album, what can you tell us about Shadows and Mirrors?

Well the name "Shadows and Mirrors" is about the past and the present. And how, as a person, you never know the future of yourself. You are always a little bit of your past (Shadows) and and little bit of your present (Mirrors). But you never know what you will become. As for the sound, a lot of people describe it as Depeche Mode meets Marilyn Manson, although honestly I don't think it's that aggressive or dark. 


You've got new music! How did you choose the themes behind The Wild Life?

I've been wanting to play live and get that going and was trying to come up with a concept that worked on stage. I also wanted to tie it into the new album if possible. And there were plenty of guys doing the "scary devil mask thing" and I thought that didn't totally fit our music anyway so that wasn't a good fit. But we are dark and kinda sinister, so what's more dark and sinister than a greedy business man? Then I was watching a bunch of movies over a period of probably 2 or 3 months and noticed some similarities between Gordon Gekko and Patrick Bateman when it really hit me that I needed to do a full on concept album. Keep in mind other synthwave artists have ventured into this territory before. Both Bart Graft and Michael Weber have come out with big business concept albums already. It wasn't a totally original idea. But I think I'm the first one to do a very dark version of that concept. 


The buzz around the record has been through the roof! Were you expecting people to be so excited ahead of the release?

Not in the slightest. I was thrilled when we got to #1 Synthwave artist on Bandcamp during the preorder, but what was even more unexpected was getting all the way to #2 overall electronic artist (all genres). I'm super excited to see where this goes and really amazed at the early response. 


You dedicated the record to Visage and the New Romantics sound. What about that era of music inspired you so much?

Visage's second record "The Anvil" is where they peak for me. The original members, specifically Steve Strange, Rusty Egan, and Midge Ure, are inspiring because even though the Bowie influence shines though they made electronic music that was so original and so tied into a concept that people had to stop and take notice. I also like that little bit of ego in a band. Without Visage I don't think you see the plethora of '80s electronic acts hit it big. Everyone goes back to Kraftwerk and that makes a lot of sense, but they weren't writing 3 minute pop songs. Visage was edgy, original, and a little dangerous. And they made music that defined an era. 


What is your recording setup?

Pretty minimal. I'm working from a Macbook Pro and use Logix X as my DAW, I wrote this album with an AKAI MPK249 controller and a ROLI Seaboard 61. I also use a Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Mic. However, I just bought a KORG Prologue 16 and a Roland AIRA TR-8 drum machine and I'm excited to start writing the next album with them.


What have you been listening to a lot this year?

A lot of Synthwave and a lot of older electronic synthpop records. Lazerpunk, Emil Rottmayer, Android Automatic, Protector 101, Kiile, Deadly Avenger, and The G for Synthwave. As for the classics, a ton of INXS, New Order, Phil Collins, and Depeche Mode too.


Any plans for a physical release of The Wild Life? I know I'd love to get my hands on a vinyl!

Yes! Vinyl is pressing now, and will be released by Electric Dream Records. I hope to have it available for purchase within the next 2 months. There will also be 20 very special Limited Editions, with custom artwork, special stickers, a big poster, a booklet, the whole 9 yards. I'm very excited for the vinyl. 


Any parting words before we go?

Thanks for taking the time to reach out and thank you to everyone who is buying the new album, it’s truly remarkable, this thing called music. You can connect with someone a world away - you don’t know them - they don’t know you. And your politics don’t matter, your race doesn’t matter, social status doesn’t matter. All that matters is the music.