Sekond Prime / Dark Awakening


If you've got a deep seated love for the golden age of science fiction, of space exploration into unknown and uncharted quadrants, and long for a sense of wonder, Sekond Prime just released the album of your dreams. Dark Awakening unfolds like a grand adventure into the most dangerous unexplored reaches and manages to establish a true sense of being there...being a part of this journey. That's no easy task but Sekond Prime has crafted this album to near perfection. 

The world of synthwave is full of would be space explorers and artists writing albums about hurtling through the cosmos. What sets Sekond Prime apart? What makes Dark Awakening so good? First off, this record "feels" like an audio representation of what it's like to read an old Arthur C. Clarke, Frederik Pohl, or Larry Niven novel with the danger of a Robert Heinlein tale. To put it mildly, it is like immersing yourself into the best sci-fi story you've ever read and becoming a part of the action as it unfolds. It's an uncanny experience and shows the talents of one of the scene's best. I've honestly not enjoyed an album like this since Night Raptor released his self-titled debut EP early last year (and if you've been a constant reader, you know how much I loved that record).

If you can't tell already, I'm quite smitten with Sekond Prime's latest effort. Dark Awakening has something for everyone, whether you enjoy the themes I've discussed or not. This is a well written, never boring, and perfectly paced adventure that would (and should) fit into anyone's collection. Available now on digital and cassette at Bandcamp!