Shadows and Mirrors / The Wild Life

Cover art by  Maya

Cover art by Maya

"On what becomes known as Black Monday...panic sets in"

What better way to kick off an album based on the greed that fueled the 1980's stock market! The Wild Life serves as a time capsule for the rise of millionaires, the playboy lifestyle that came with them, and an era of excess that is engrained into the greatest of decades. It also marks the bubble as it burst and the aftermath that aftermath the effectively killed the 80's and transitioned us all into the 1990's. 

Dedicated to Visage and all the other New Romantic bands of the UK, The Wild Life could have been cut right out of that era. Shadows and Mirrors have crafted a pitch perfect album that pays homage without coming over as kitsch or campy. You can feel the respect, and it's not like you can fake creative songwriting talent. Brian Diamond is a master craftsman and should be very proud of what he's created here. The Wild Life would have been a #1 hit record if it was released in the 1980's so it's fitting that it's #1 here ahead of its release on April 20th. 


If you are a fan of good music, even stripping away the amazing greed aspect of the story being told here, Shadows and Mirrors have a stone cold classic on their hands here. The hooks are undeniable, the synths are warm, and the grooves will have you wishing for a dancefloor. If you're a nostalgia hound, your dreams are about to come true. The Wild Life stands as a modern tribute to everything I mentioned above...the greed, excess, and over the top endulgent lifestyles of the 1980's. It also stands as a triumph of what one can do with creativity and synths to use as a brush on a musical canvas. This is a must own album.

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See what all the fuss is about! This one is going to be on plenty of "Best of the Year" lists...mark my words