low.poly.exception / MEGASTRUCTURE(S)


It was my intention to have a review up of this album before it released, but the site crash ruined a lot of my plans on covering the latest from low.poly.exception. So, here is my "better late than never" coverage of MEGASTRUCTURE(S), and I hope that he accepts my deepest apologies for the tardiness. Alright, now that we've taken care of the formalities, let's dive into record!

I don't think that there is anyone (other than maybe Xetrovoid) who has a better grasp on desolate, futuristic soundscapes than low.poly.exception. Where he sets himself apart are the moments of serenity and beauty that you find in these hopeless places he's created. MEGASTRUCTURE(S) tells the story of an alternate Earth devoid of life other than machines and the sprawling arcologies that stretch from horizon to horizon. The sadness here is that even in these moments of light shining into the shadows, in this machine inhabited world there's nothing there to appreciate it. It's a very skillful and nuanced thing to craft a world so well realized.

If you haven't figured it out already, MEGASTRUCTURE(S) isn't light listening, and you're not going to find bite-sized, made to order singles in its 8 song track list. You know what? That's absolutely fine with me. This is sophisticated, progressive music that is best enjoyed with a set of headphones and played start to finish, like immersing yourself in a good book or a David Lynch film. You want all of your faculties available because there's a story here and the more attention you pay to it the more you'll get out of it. 



You can snag it at Bandcamp at a "Name Your Price" bargain, but as always, support the artists you love!