Neon Genesis / Circuitbreaker + Interview


Neon Genesis are bringing their West Coast synths to the rest of the globe with their new, and oh so catchy album, Circuitbreaker. Get ready to groove, because hooks are on the menu and they're all you can eat. You can tell that on their third outing this is an outfit hitting their creative stride...melding harmonies, new school synthwave, and old school synthpop in a way that feels almost effortless.

Let me touch on that for a minute, actually. I absolutely love it when bands are able to fuse old school sound with new school sensibilities. The Echosynthetic slogan is "Where Old School Meets New School" afterall. Unfortunately it's easier said than done. One or the other ends up taking over, and that's fine. There are brilliant artists out there that balance things out on both sides of that scale. I'm only bringing it up here because Neon Genesis have managed to balance it right in the middle and I think that deserves a special mention.

Circuitbreaker checks all of the boxes required for repeat listens, especially for me. It has body moving beats, hooks that keep you coming back for more (but never in a shallow way), and a futuristic vehicle with an old school soul. This is Neon Genesis at their very best and I can't wait to catch their set at the upcoming Outrun the Sun Festival in Los Angeles this summer! You can find it at Bandcamp right now, but don't run off just yet. We've got a full interview with the band!

Welcome to the Echosynthetic relaunch! Thank you so much for being a part of it!

Hello thanks for having us on your page

What are the biggest challenges you think synthwave artists face?

The biggest challenge synthwave artist face is trying to get exposure because we feel it isn't as well known in the USA as it is known in Europe, so it’s hard getting our art heard in the States

What Neon Genesis tracks connect the most with a live audience?

Street Outrun always gets the crowd going. We also get positive feedback from mechanical people who seem to love the female robot voice on the track

Desert island question. You’re stranded and you can only have one book, one album, and one movie to pass time. Go!

Alberts stranded in desert island picks 1. Book: Charles Bukowski - Hollywood 2. Album: The Strokes - Is This It 3. Movie: Tron, for sure

Brian’s stranded in desert island picks 1. Book: How to Make Money on your Spare Time by J.M.R. Rice 2. Album: Lazerhawk - Redline 3. Movie: Definitely Fight Club

Last album you bought?

Albert - Space - Greatest Hits

Brian - The Voids - Virtue

Any parting words?

We would just like to say thank you to Echosynthetic and to NeoLa for getting us shows and supporting the cause! Also, to anyone who enjoys are music, stay frosty!

*Editor's Note: In the severe sleep deprived state I was in when I sent off the interview questions to Neon Genesis I totalled flubbed the questions about their new album. I apologize to Neon Genesis for this faux pas and hope they forgive me!