Elay Arson / Spirit | Death

Elay Arson has continually proven themselves to be a band you need to pay attention to. Their last album, Rites of the Damned was one of 2017's best, and you'd think the task of even matching its intensity would be impossible. Think again. Not only have Elay Arson pushed their sound beyond what I thought possible, in Spirit | Death they've created one of the best hybrid synth albums I've ever heard. 

The description of Spirit | Death over at Bandcamp reads:

An intense album inspired by the themes of southwestern Native American stories, deities, subjugation, genocide, and the apocalypse.

This work pays homage to the Apache ancestry and childhood Hopi upbringing of band member Daniel Larson.
— Elay Arson

How cool is that?!? As someone who grew up being taught about my Cherokee ancestry, the Native American tenants of Spirit | Death fascinate me. Fusing Native American folklore, synthwave, and some of the blackest metal you can imagine into an album has to be one of the most ambitious concepts I've ever covered. As you can imagine, this could go off the rails in any number of ways, but Elay Arson blend these elements together like they were meant to be. 

I also want to be clear on something...beyond all the things I just mentioned, Spirit | Death is a very nuanced, expertly produced record. There are subtle chord progressions, complex transitions, and a wide range of sounds being used. I can promise you this with no hesitation, you've never, ever heard an album like this. 

Spirit | Death is nothing short of a progressive synth/metal masterpiece. It shows the songwriting prowess of a duo you need to watch out for, launching Elay Arson into the lofty heights of the best the scene has to offer. There is no question, if you are reading this, you need this album in your collection. Head over to Bandcamp where you've got your choice of digital or limited edition cassette. 

Before you go, I had a chance to ask the guys about the album this week, and here's what they had to say:

I’m excited that people can hear me narrate and yell on the album.

I think we made a metal album with synths by accident. We just wanted to make a heavy album. This is the best work of my life and I feel like I can get even better. I feel like the sun God Tawa releasing this album finally, powerful, sure, confident.
— Daniel David Larson
I feel like we made something special entirely by surprise. We set out to make something heavy but conjured up some ancient Hopi gods by mistake.

All hail the sun god. Tawa is yo daddy!

Also, people with subwoofers are going to love this album...so many kicks! Shout out to our manager Alex for keeping Daniel and I on track!
— Devin Harrison