Tokyo Rose / The Chase: Last Run + Interview


I am more than thrilled to have NewRetroWave heavyweight, Tokyo Rose, as part of the Echosynthetic relaunch. Not only are we checking out The Chase, we also have a full length interview to kick things off with style! Thanks so much to Tokyo Rose for being so patient while I got the site nailed down after the savage hack we suffered last week. Hope you enjoy!

The Chase: Last Run marks the Tokyo Rose full length debut at NRW, and what a debut it is! The Chase is stacked start to finish with classic cuts. At 16 tracks long you might worry that you'd run into a bit of staleness, but Tokyo Rose deftly avoids this minefield by crafting an album that is never boring, flows seamlessly, and writes its own name on the wall. What better way to make a splash, right?

Another selling point about The Chase is that it settles well. What I mean by that is there is something for everyone here. It's a very palatable album, which is a label's dream come true. It has nostalgic sounds, but not to the point of heavy-handedness. It has guest musicians, but not so many that it crowds out the work of the artist. It has killer hooks, but these tracks have meat on their bones. In short, this album has it all, and it is very, very well done.

You can find The Chase: Last Run wherever you buy your digital music, but I always prefer Bandcamp!  Don't run off quite yet though...we've still got an interview! 

Thank you so much for taking the time out to talk to us! For new listeners, how would you describe Tokyo Rose?

Hey, thank you as well! For any new listeners, Tokyo Rose is considered the “Beast of Outrun” but my style continuously changes. I try to keep things as fresh, melodic and unique as I possibly can.

You've got a new record that hit at the end of last year. Were you expecting the overwhelmingly positive reaction to The Chase: Last Run?

To be honest I had a good feeling my day 1 fans would love it, but I didn’t think the response would be so positive as it has been. The album is a pretty much a re-release of my older EP’s with a couple new tracks and remixes. I honestly thought that would bother some people but I’m glad it hasn’t.

The limited edition vinyl run is almost sold out! Are you surprised at how strongly the synthwave scene has embraced physical releases on vinyl and cassette?

I’m actually sold out now which is awesome! I’m not surprised at all that the Synthwave scene has embraced physical releases on vinyl and cassette.  A big part of the Synthwave scene is “nostalgia”. Vinyls and cassettes really make things feel even more “retro” and “authentic” for many, so I’m not surprised at the embrace these types of physical releases have within the Synthwave scene.

What are your thoughts on the dramatic influx of new synthwave artists? Good for the scene or harder to pick out the diamond in the rough?

In my honest opinion I think there are too many new Synthwave artists coming out. I feel like it devalues the scene to an extent and takes away from the quality. Like you mentioned, it really does make it harder to pick out the diamonds in the rough. I’m sure there are some who will disagree with me but I’ve been in the Synthwave scene for about 4-5 years and the quality has decreased, in my opinion.  But at the end of the day, it’s whatever makes people happy. So that’s cool.

You've got such a smooth and streamlined sound. Where do the roots of Tokyo Rose lie? What got you into synthwave?

Thank you. My roots are all over the place to be honest. I’ve experimented with so many genres and sounds. I use to create big room house, trance, trap, chiptune, Nintendo-core, hip hop, etc so when I produce I do my best to use all my influences to make my tracks sound unique. What got me into Synthwave were acts like Kavinsky, FM Attack, Miami Nights 1984, & Power Glove. Kavinsky was what initially got me into Outrun and Synthwave. I started getting more into the genres once I discovered New Retro Wave.

Do you have any secret plans for 2018 you can let us in on?

I actually have a bunch of secrets for 2018 that I really can’t unveil yet, but expect a few live shows, a ton of new music and something pretty sick I can’t talk about yet.

What have you been listening to lately?

I listen to so much music but lately I’ve been bumpin’ to my boy ALEX, some $uicideBoy$, Grimes, Slaves (US), Billie Eilish, & some old tracks from the Crimson Armada and Asking Alexandria. I listen to almost every genre, I like keeping things diverse.

Any parting words before we go?

Sure! I just want to say thank you to all of my supportive fans, you guys keep me going with this music stuff. I’m truly grateful. I got some really awesome stuff coming soon so be on the lookout! I’m very stoked for what’s in store for Tokyo Rose.