Reformation: Exclusive Sneak Preview of New Ethereal Delusions!


We've got the skinny on the new upcoming album from Ethereal Delusions plus your first chance to hear a sample of what's in store. Reformation is slated for a May 28th release, and if the rest of the album is half as good as the untitled track below, we're all in for a treat! 

I had a chance to talk to Jon Thomson (aka Ethereal Delusions) about his concept behind the new album. This is what he had to say:

I’m working on truly moving towards a completely intermedia experience. So that means I’m creating art as well as my music to be one cohesive thing. The whole concept that I’m going with is called reformation. And it’s based on my experience as observations with people in everyday life and how technology is not necessarily corrupting us or anything negative. It’s more a neutral observation. That technology is completely transforming Humanity. It’s enhancing us in a way that nature never could but also it’s tripping us of what makes us human and our Humanity as a whole. So we’re changing and becoming completely different. Not necessarily the same species. It’s kind of my thinking that we’re moving into that next stage where Homo Sapien will become something different. So that’s where Reformation comes from.
— -Jon Thomson (Ethereal Delusions)

Obviously we will keep you posted with all things Ethereal Delusions related as we get them and I hope you've enjoyed this sneak preview as much as I have. I can't stop listening to it!